gt house in londrina, brazil.

designed by young brazilian architect guilherme torres... this modern and avant-garde, chic-e loft cost around US $6,000 to renovate due to its simplicity in architectural solutions. i am guessing that does not include furnishings... i spy a moooi lamp in there! i really love the styling of this brazilian casa, i enjoy the juxtaposition of the rough cement and glitzy chandelier, the soft fur and the silver pipes. confira! aka...check it out!

two black fabric mattresses for a sofa...why not?

love the skull!

g for guilhermme is my guess. what a great place for a big "g" this is such a great shot- i love everything about it.

exposed pipes on the black wall is gorgeous-i would love to cuddle up on that rug!

more pipes...and some unusual choices for bedside tables. i love how the suitcases are brought into the styling and i'm liking the location of the office style calendar.

tall ceilings are happy ceilings!
another skull- but this time i don't like it. rubber flooring to avoid oil stains and the wall has arabic inspired patterns designed by the architect himself.
love...l.o.v.e. the way the books are lined up in this bookcase. i would have never thought to arrange them that way-
brick. brown. black. low and long--great setup.
that's a different/difficult layout to work with... but studio guilherme torres did maravilhosa job!


  1. Very nice. I also enjoyed the book display...although if that were in my house, I would consistently have the urge to buy more books to fill in the blanks. I dearly love cozy traditional design and yet I have this odd love of concrete...what is that?


  2. I'm usually not drawn to concrete but he did a good job of "funky-fying" it up which I think makes it feel slightly warmer!


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