mole people

i haven't read a book in...almost forever. i forgot how much i missed reading and using my imagination to picture whats going on in the story. thanks to my friend katie who first told me about people who live under ground-then my friend cardon (i think he would have designed a much more interesting cover) who read the book and gave some interesting details that sparked my interest even more than what katie had already said-and to my friend patty who let me borrow her copy of the mole people. why i picked to read this book while i ride under ground in the subways? i do not know? it is in fact very interesting and i'm only to chapter 7. while reading this book i am realizing that even though i may live in a small space i am soo lucky i get see the sun everyday and have a soft/clean place to sleep. so far i am enjoy this read even though it is grosses me out- if you are looking to pick up a book try this one by jennifer toth. you can order it on amazon for $10. off to read a bit before bed. buenas noches amigos.


  1. I have unwillingly thought about the mole people many a time while waiting for the subway late at night...all alone...I didn't know there was such a book. I will have to find it.

    Hey, I'm enjoying your blog. I was referred by your sis-in-law Patrice. She and I met at the UN...which I do believe has its own secret society of mole people...

  2. See, I have just started the book-but I'll be nervous when I find myself late at night alone on the platform... but from what I am reading they like being deep--You should read it though, very interesting!

    I am so glad you are liking the blog, that makes me very happy!! Thanks Patrice :)

  3. I'm so glad you two have met--virtually, at least! You two would seriously be BFFs. (Almost identical interests + slightly different tastes = mucho fun!)


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