why hello tom!

first of...i'm obsessed with his logo. obsessed! it is so simple and so bold. i wish my name was tom dixon.

tazmania ballroom. hong kong, china.

ahhh i love this lounge...the inspiration for tazmania ballroom came from british game rooms (fyi tom is a brit).

this is such a great shot of his beat lighting collection. he does lighting very well.
the wing back sofa.
gold + his logo...i want this bag!

the beat collection again, this time it is shown at the kosushi restaurant in sao paulo, brazil.

amazing...reminds me of a piano keys.

i have had a crate obsession lately, and when i saw it with his logo... magic!

pipe lights look bea-u-ti-ful in a cluster. especially the black and gold!

i want this scoop chair as a desk chair...or a dining chair. i just want one.
there's the man! would you believe me if i said he has had no formal design training?? (according to wiki)--i sooo want to meet you one day. you seem like such a creative gentleman!


I love you for commenting

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