do you see what i see?

ai weiwei: sunflower seeds at the tate modern in london until may 2011

chinese conceptual artist ai weiwei has filled the tate's larggge museum turbine hall with millions of life sized sunflower seed replicas made out of porcelain-- n.u.t.s....! holy moly those aren't real seeds? this is mind blowing that they were hand crafted and painted to look like real seeds!

when i first saw these images the first thing that came to my mind was...my mom! yes, that is weird... i see a large museum hall full of seeds and instantly think of my mommy-- but my mom loves her seeds! do i sound homesick to you?

what an amazing installation- visitors are encouraged to touch and walk on the carpet of "fake" seeds. if you're in the uk check. it. out.


  1. Wow. The enormity of this project kind of gives me a headache. But very cool. I would totally display a bowlfull of them on my coffee table.



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