what i love right now: 7 black and white patterns

i always love me some black and white...
especially when it comes in an interesting design or graphic pattern.
here are 7 black and white patterned images that i am loving right now!

black and white gingham wallpaper... such a great look! via

this black and white bathroom floor tile spices up the small space! via
this black and white patterned blanket is fantastic! i need my own! 
anyone know where i can buy one?!
best in show wallpaper by osborne and little. loving it in the bathroom
but one day it will be in my little's one nursery! (works great for boy or girl) via

statement wall!! looks like lighting...via
such a lovely black and white tiled backsplash! via
hello harlequin!! this is gorgeous times ten!! via

happy almost friday!!


wanting wednesday: banana leaf wallpaper

being in belize i spent a lot of time in the ocean scuba diving and on land in the green lush jungle.
the entire time i was in the jungle i kept thinking about banana leaf wallpaper...
so of course this wednesday i am wanting
the gorgeous banana leaf wallpaper by hinson.

isn't this paper extremely lovely?! i need to get my hands on a few rolls!
images via pinterest and elle decor
happy hump day!


made my heart melt monday: a week in belize

i just returned from one of the most beautiful places i've been to...
turquoise clear water and green jungle...belize was un-belize-able!!
i packed my carry on full with resort clothes thinking it'd be a week by the beach sipping on drinks and working on my tan, that really wasn't the case and i LOVED it!
each day was spent doing something adventurous with my husband's family...
9 dives in 4 days- one included 6 sharks at the famous blue hole, one had sea turtles, plenty of rays, eels and tons of fish!
we spent a day deep inside a pitch black cave, the only light came from our headlamps, a little frightening because the mayans believed that cave was full of evil gods and that's where they did sacrifies (eek) we zip lined through the jungle, road dirt bikes through the jaguar preserve, went lion fish hunting (i even speared one myself)...and we fell in love with the small village called hopkins bay!
it was such an amazing break from reality, i loved being in a country that didn't even have one mcdonalds!
i'm hoping i can return to the beautiful land!

my bro-in-law is making a video of our vay-cay,
once it's finished i'll post it!
for now here is a little clip of our break between dives and me after spearing a lion fish!

belize completely made my heart melt!!!
a big thanks to my mother-in-law for making this trip possible.
happy monday!


designer crush: buttazzoni & associes

i'm crushing big time on a french architecture and design firm
i'm in love with their colorful gorgeous interiors.
i love their wacky but sophisticated look,
their material selections are amazing and i love
their eye for design!
i think i'm in love...

the two red glossy doors are amazing, you know i love the neon light above the door on the right!

not sure what is going on with the wall but i love the animal graphics mixed with the large mirror and hanging lights!
this room is stunning, love the art, color combo and that orange coffee table!
a dark and moody space with pops of color are always a win for me.
check out that gorgeous striped floor! i loooove the words on the wall in the left image!
amazing wall art and hanging light!
sleek black and white living room

great green paint detail! 
red cabinets?! love them!
very interesting wall mural
retro pink kitchen cabinets
laurent buttazzoni and frederic lavaud
started buttazzoni and associates in 1995

-from their website

i hope you're in love too!


made my heart melt monday may 21st

happy monday readers!
 i'm in belize this week but today i'm sharing my favorite images that have been making my heart melt...
yes, the images are random and yes they are fabulous!

vintage image of the handsome couple elivs and priscilla
i think she was the biggest babe- elivs looks a little dumpy here,
but over all it's a fantastic shot of the two! via
i love the this bedroom designed by laura day,
i am head over heels with the neon text above the bed and on top of
the wallpaper! my kind of bedroom. via
i would love to make this wrong woods door my front door some day.
so amazing. 
isn't this image of a young julie andrews gorgeous?! via
great yellow gradient dresser, especially for a child's room.
this would make a fun DIY project. via
great image with beautiful blue coloring with a pop of red. via
beautiful image of johannesburg, south africa.
a must on my travel list. via

what this world needs is a group hug!
i love this..#sotrue via
graceful pose in all white.

and...blair and chuck with always make my heart melt. so sad i have to wait till next season
to see what happens to these two lovely people.

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and your
week has started off right!


and i'm off to...

yeeee whoo!
one week in paradise... scuba diving, neon swim suits, sun and adventures!
can't wait for it all.


what i love right now: a monochromatic room

right now i am loving monochromatic spaces...
(i pretty much love them  all the time though)
i think it's because it's color all over!!
check out these three amazing yellow, red and blue spaces.

how amazing is this yellow room?!
(new space i'm obsessing over)
love the yellow monochromatic vibe with a pop of white.
the ceiling? fantastic!! the lights and chairs...perfection!
such a cool space at monkis headquaters.
Frida Ramstedt

there is something so stunning about this monochromatic red dining space.
i'm thinking it's the sleek hanging backdrop. seems very mistierious!
interior by helenio barbetta

i know i just posted this space a few days ago on the design hunting magazine post
but i seriously love this all blue in bedroom designed by doug and gene meyer

hope you are loving what i love right now!
happy thursday!!


wanting wednesday: 5 fantastic candelabras

i've recently been ooing and ahhing over candelbras!
they give the right amount pa-zaz to any table top...
see my top 5 candelabras i am wanting this wednesday!
lemon candelabra from dunes and duchess

bubbles candelabra by jaime hayon
the wise chimpanzee five arm candelabra from the future perfect
      studio jspr 'plastic fantastic' candelabra
branch in wonderland candleholder from the future perfect

it's hard to pick a favorite...
i want them all!!

happy hump day

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