what i love right now: berlin penthouse

i love finding spaces that inspire me and leave me thinking "i would have never thought of that"
i always love being inspired by different architects and interior designers who create such unique spaces!

right now i am loving this design project by 
german architecture studio 

get ready to be amazed by these glitzy glam mirrored walls!

what a fantastic kitchen!

these mirrored walls are amazing, i love the way the reflect and the shapes they create!

that ceiling is pretty lovely

such an interesting design, i love that custom piece of furniture!

gorgeous hallway especially with black walls
and interesting wall sconces.

loving the black and white stripes at the end of the hallway!

bravo to you two!
this is one inspiring unique, amazzzzing space.

see more of their work on their website

(images via their website and gerrit engel)


  1. Gorgeous...I am in love with the black walls and I picture the glammed up island in my kitchen!


  2. Very unique. Def leaves you wanting to see more!


  3. Gorgeous! I wouldn't have thought of mirroring the space like that!

  4. Glad you three liked this penthouse as much as I do! XO-mo

  5. WOW! Crazy + good = crazy good.


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