what i love right now: a monochromatic room

right now i am loving monochromatic spaces...
(i pretty much love them  all the time though)
i think it's because it's color all over!!
check out these three amazing yellow, red and blue spaces.

how amazing is this yellow room?!
(new space i'm obsessing over)
love the yellow monochromatic vibe with a pop of white.
the ceiling? fantastic!! the lights and chairs...perfection!
such a cool space at monkis headquaters.
Frida Ramstedt

there is something so stunning about this monochromatic red dining space.
i'm thinking it's the sleek hanging backdrop. seems very mistierious!
interior by helenio barbetta

i know i just posted this space a few days ago on the design hunting magazine post
but i seriously love this all blue in bedroom designed by doug and gene meyer

hope you are loving what i love right now!
happy thursday!!

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  1. Over the top in such a good way! :)



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