wanting wednesday: banana leaf wallpaper

being in belize i spent a lot of time in the ocean scuba diving and on land in the green lush jungle.
the entire time i was in the jungle i kept thinking about banana leaf wallpaper...
so of course this wednesday i am wanting
the gorgeous banana leaf wallpaper by hinson.

isn't this paper extremely lovely?! i need to get my hands on a few rolls!
images via pinterest and elle decor
happy hump day!


  1. Ok I TOTALLY used to HATE this wallpaper...but now I seriously cannot get enough of it! Especially on those Charlotte Olympia shoes! http://heels.shoerazzi.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Charlotte-Olympia-Meredith-palm2.jpg

    ...I think I need to do an "inspired by" blog post now! :) Thanks for the inspiration as always!

    XO. Margaret

  2. I used to not be the biggest fan either..but not the case anymore!!! Of course girl...hope to see you soon,

  3. I am seriously a huge fan now! That's funny that you were thinking about banana leaf wallpaper while you were in the jungle...you are such an interiors girl! :)


  4. Interior design is always on mind my Cathy :)
    Happy wednesday...XO!


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