made my heart melt monday: a week in belize

i just returned from one of the most beautiful places i've been to...
turquoise clear water and green jungle...belize was un-belize-able!!
i packed my carry on full with resort clothes thinking it'd be a week by the beach sipping on drinks and working on my tan, that really wasn't the case and i LOVED it!
each day was spent doing something adventurous with my husband's family...
9 dives in 4 days- one included 6 sharks at the famous blue hole, one had sea turtles, plenty of rays, eels and tons of fish!
we spent a day deep inside a pitch black cave, the only light came from our headlamps, a little frightening because the mayans believed that cave was full of evil gods and that's where they did sacrifies (eek) we zip lined through the jungle, road dirt bikes through the jaguar preserve, went lion fish hunting (i even speared one myself)...and we fell in love with the small village called hopkins bay!
it was such an amazing break from reality, i loved being in a country that didn't even have one mcdonalds!
i'm hoping i can return to the beautiful land!

my bro-in-law is making a video of our vay-cay,
once it's finished i'll post it!
for now here is a little clip of our break between dives and me after spearing a lion fish!

belize completely made my heart melt!!!
a big thanks to my mother-in-law for making this trip possible.
happy monday!


  1. Just amazing! :)


  2. Wow! Look like an amazing trip!

  3. Ann! Looks like a great time!

  4. I meant ahh! Stupid autocorrect!


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