color in the kitchen: 9 colorful kitchen cabinets

happy huesday color lovers!

colorful kitchen cabinets are bold and daring...
(i myself would need a push adding color into my kitchen through my cabinets)
but after looking at these 9 colorful kitchens i'm thinking i'd love to have have one of my own some day...the big question would be which color?

these powder blue kitchen cabinets are great for those who want color
but are terrified of it being over whelming...this color combo seems
very soft. image via

if you want something bold and bright these lime green kitchen cabinets
are the way to go! how beautiful does this kitchen look with that green lush view outside?
image via

another green kitchen- this shade of green isn't as bold but it does
have a fabulous retro vibe going on. image via

maybe you don't want all your kitchen cabinets a color...
so spice up your island (if you have one, if you do lucky you!)
like this orange one here mixed with grey cabinets. image via

a traditional kitchen mixed with gorgeous turquoise!
do you dare? image via

another mild over wild mint cabinets are the way to go! they look great
next to red brick and really spice up the cottage style kitchen. image via

i like the idea of just adding color to the base cabinets like these
yellow ones above! image via
another kitchen with yellow base cabinets- i like it mixed
with the white upper cabinets- this i could try! image via

if you can't make up your mind on a color go wild and try a
rainbow kitchen cabinets like the one above! image via

i love some color in the kitchen!!
happy tuesday!


  1. Very daring...love it! I would love some red kitchen cabinets! Now convincing the other half is another story...

  2. Those kitchen cabinets are very beautiful. What are the materials that they've used on those cabinets? Are they expensive? Anyway, your blog is very interesting and I hope you can post a more information like this.

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