before i die i want to _______

artist candy chang turned the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood in new orleans into a giant chalkboard where neighbors can write on the wall and remember what is important to them.
neighbors and passer-byers can take chalk and fill in the blank 
“before i die i want to _______”

once the wall was filled, it was washed with water and started again with a clean slate. all the responses have been documented and some will be included in a book. this project has gotten a lot of attention and now expanded to other countries around the world!!

so after seeing this simple but super dramatic community art project...
i'm now asking myself - what do i want to do before i die.

it’s super easy for us to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what really matters.
thanks candy for this inspiring idea!

images via candy's website


what i love right now: swedish photographers and stylists

söderberg agentur was founded in 1994 to represent leading swedish photographers
(i am a huuuuge lover of all things swedish)

i could spend a long time on this site admiring the work of numerous swedish photographers as well as interior stylists...

take a look at the of the work from söderberg agentur to see
(what i love right now)

completely obsessed with this spray painted look...
pretty sure i need to try something like this in my current design project

looks very swedish...don't ya think?

pretty shots of a yummy brunch

i like the mood of this one

great coloring

such an adorable room...
i love how it doesn't look overly faked styled

great shot!!

(all images via söderberg agentur )

anyone want to be swedish for a day with me??


wanting wednesday: a unicorn mask

happy hump day!
it's wednesday so you know i'm wanting something...
but today my want is a little strange

last week i discovered this unicorn mask from
fredflare.com -- i really want it!

(wanting wednesday)

weird, weird i know...
but i love taking random odd pictures in the city and i think 
a fabulous outfit + this unicorn mask could make some interesting shots!!

take a look at the images below to see what i'm talking about
this photo of with the tiger head is awesome!

70's style...

don't these masks look great in the subways?

now this would be perfect for shark week!

 pablo picasso wearing a cow's head mask 
photography by gjon mili

this is adorable...
a couple with a panda and bear mask (or head?)
photography by you can't be serious


look mom i'm a giraffe!

not a mask just a stunning image!!!!

who knows maybe you'll see me in some odd shots in the city wearing a unicorn mask.
weird is good in my book.


adore color: purple power

happy huesday fellow color lovers!
my boss just finished a project that we'll be shooting at the end of this week,
and this fab project has some amazing purples in the space (can't wait for you all to see it)
so - today i have purple on my mind...

purple hair...do you dare? image via pinterest

swoosh of purple, looks like a smudge of lipstick.

who wouldn't want this amazing purple leather chanel paris fall 2012 gloves

deep dark purple lips looks very moody, wondering if i could pull that color off?? image via

glassy baby!! i sure love all their colors, especially this purple one.

i just bought me a pair of black fringed high heels but this pair in purple by b brian atwood look so much better!

purple missssst via

a purple pelican chair 

speaking of my boss doug meyer, check out this side shot of his miami beach bedroom- loving those purple plexi walls!

amethyst stones...have to love them (it's my birth stone)

another designer who is a master of purple is jamie drake...i've always loved this purple bedroom
he did in the upper east side, spent sometime in this space on my internship while it was being filmed for hgtv.

p u r p l e
p o w e r 


made my heart melt monday march 26th

see what images are making my heart melt this monday...

now this is what i call awesome but weird art!
i found this image via interest but the link was broken...
i'm pretty sure this is a john stezaker piece but please correct me if i'm wrong.

loving this grey wool bundle!
johan ku, spring 2012

how mazing does st croix lake, in provence, france 
look? this is on my travel list

"i can't do this but i'm doing it anyway"
currently working on being fearless...

i love these light weight neon baggu backpacks! 
i own the orange and love it

jack dawson a.k.a leonardo will always make my heart melt!

coveting this georgian style home #dreamhouse
image via

not only does jack dawson make my heart melt 
so does baby lambs!!!!
image via

this headboard is beyond amazing!!
looks extra fab with that little babe.
headboard from www.casamidy.com

i  love this interior shot with the amazing green cabinet.
photography by magnus anesund

who loves roller coasters?? i do!
found this fantastic via

rapping an entire part of a song perfectly...
one of the little joys life.

just some of the images that made my heart melt this monday!

happy start of the week!
and happy birthday to my baby sister!!!!!!!
love you al...


morgan's music: we are young

i am a big music lover...
music makes my day, it's my best companion during my commutes and while i walk around the city.
it allows me to move and grove and it can pick me up when i'm sad.
i kinda have a problem with playing it too loud and when i find a song i like i hit replay
over and over and over and...over!

so here is one song that i have on repeat
we are young by fun featuring janelle monáe

kinda loving the slow mo vibe in the video

would you like to hear the acoustic version?
here you go...


what i love right now: friends make prints!

want to hang a beautiful animal head about your fireplace, guilt free?

now you can thanks to my lovely creative friend
 nic from my hometown back in utah. 

what i love right now...
her shop
friends make prints

nic miller takes animal designs and applies them to woodcuts, ranging from small magnets to life-size recreations! she is a freelance graphic designer and printmaker who eats vegetables while staring at mountains with her australian shepherd mix, sheila.

nic in front of her grandma ruthie's buffalo
her papa kenny moose
(he may be my favorite, i need him in my home someday!)

and the uncle randy deer
(love all the detail in her work)

how gorgeous are her black birds?
(photography by leah hogsten of the salt lake tribune)

such a stunning installation she did 

i am desperately wanting to use these birds in a project!

nic at the 3rd annual craft lake city
in salt lake city, utah

nic's bedroom in her home...
she has her very own grandma ruthie's buffalo hanging above her bed.

can we all say rawr?!
check out this intense bear she made...whew!

nic hard at work

how nic creates her unique animal friends...
"most of the details in my woodcuts are carved without any planning. i study the images i have in front of me and decide right there and then. once i have the image carved out, i ink it up, put some lovely rice paper over the wood block, roll it through the press, cut the edges, paste it onto 3/4” plywood and get my power tools out. it’s kind of a long process but i love the results." - taken from her interview with gavin sheehan for city weekly.

such a lovely business card! 
(a girl of many talents)

see more of nic's goodies on her website and visit her etsy shop!
like friends make prints on facebook and follow her on twitter and pinterest!

way to go nic! proud of your hard work and i admire all your creativity!!
go nic go!

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