eye inspired: alexander kent

i am in love with people who view the world with a different (creative) eye!
who likes looking at the same stuff over and over again?! not me, it's a complete bore...

eye inspired

[seeing something with your eye that inspires the living daylight out of you]

by the talented london based photographer
alexander kent!!

he shoots everyday items but is extremely talented in capturing them in such a
unique and brilliant way! he is amazing with color...his work his truly inspiring!!

i love people like alexander.
check out some of his work below

©alexander kent

loving the mist of color!
©alexander kent

©alexander kent
this is beyond amazing, so creative! 

©alexander kent

©alexander kent
love this shot of a book and ruler. simple but dramatic. 

©alexander kent
more with light and paint, i love it! 

©alexander kent

©alexander kent
a doll has never looked cooler 

©alexander kent
tons of rulers look amazing 

©alexander kent
great coloring 

©alexander kent
this might be one of my favorites! 

go visit his website to see more inspiring images!


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