adore color: aqua awesomeness

 happy huesday color lovers!
i just got home from flordia where the sand was white and the water was aqua blue!!
so of course i have aqua on my brain today.

take a look at some of my favorite aqua images... 

aqua tipped hair? looks cool in this image but i don't think i'd ever try it myself! image via

super wanting this adorable aqua x sofia coppola cruise 2012 louis vuttion satchel bag!!

i've been obsessed with this aqua styling shot...i need to get on the hunt for aqua glass! image via 

how fantastic is this paint detail in this child's room...i love how the paint goes up to the ceiling image via

i've always had a thing for jspr's plastic fantastic rubber outdoor furniture collection, how fab is this aqua outdoor chair?

loving this aqua blue poster that says "be nice to people, it's a wonderful legacy to leave behind"ain' that the truth!! image via  

aqua blue band for a michael kors watch

my hubby in a doug and gene meyer image...wearing one of their fabulous men's bow ties. love the aqua blue screen he's behind!

seriously this interior shot is one of my all time favorites..it's the lock screen image on my phone!!
done by the fabulous brazilian designer guillermo torres (huge designer crush!)

when you think of aqua blue water do you ever think of the waters of iceland? (take me there...)
wanting this aqua kitchen aid mixer...the color is fantastic!

how lovely is the color aqua?!!


  1. The outdoor chair is great, looks like an indoor chair! And love that pic of your hubs!

  2. Those paintings on the wall of that interior shot are mesmerizing...love!



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