behind the scenes VIDEO of the doug & gene meyer spring 2012 campaign

last saturday my bosses and did a photo shoot for their new spring 2012 product!
i seriously had a blast the entire day...i think photo shoot styling is one of my new favorite things to do.
i love the quick pace vibe and seeing beautiful incredible shots!!!
 (i'll be doing a post on the photos next week!!)

during our shoot which went from 9:30 am - 6pm i decided to turn on our webcam and film the entire day! so when it was back to work the next week i quickly compiled hours and hours worth of clips and put together this short 1:45 video giving you a behind the scenes look!

this shoot was extra fun because my (sexy) hubby was one of our models....mmmm hmm!
maybe that's why the day was so fun?? (he's the one with the balloons...)

doug and gene are amazing to work with...i think this video represents our fun work environment!

watch the video below and let me know your thoughts!!!

how cute are these ties, bow ties and scarves (in collaboration with alice + olivia)??
you'll see more of the looks when we launch everything soon on dougandgene.com

thanks to our models
flora collins, hugh malone and britton pederson
and also to the wonderful photographer mark roskams!

hope you enjoyed the video!


  1. i have loved getting to know you through the social media world. you're KILLIN it. completely. i adore your style and envy your eye for interior design. and this video...say whaaaa. perfect. i was thrilled to come across your website today. consider me one of your most dedicated followers. you are one talented gal....carry on as i swoon over your success.

  2. Oh my heck you are sooo sweet! Thank you, I love following you on Instagram and now on pinterest...your little boy is so freakin' adorable!


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