what i love right now: a white bedroom

one of my favorite things in the world is white fluffy comfy bedding!
not only do i love crisp clean bedding...but i'm also loving white bedrooms! there is something so calming and serine about a clean white bedroom, i wish i actually had a bedroom to give it an all white makeover! (i live in a studio...)
 i need to have one soon before i have little kiddos,
i don't think an all white bedroom will last with little nuggets.

see what i'm loving right now...
take a look at my top five white gorgeous bedrooms! 

delfina delettrez's  (she's in the fendi family)...so of course she's chic and so is her white bedroom!
i can't get over that soft furry bedspread...and the floors with that light fixture
go together so well.  
photo by ditte isager for harper's bazaar

loving the...
over sized leaning artwork, the wooden stool used as a bedside table,
the bedding, white walls, soft textures and the sconce!! heck, i'm just loving this entire bedroom! 
i wish it was mine. image via

hello gorgeous large white tufted headboard! i'm digging
the low key styling and i want to sleep in until noon in this bed!

i want double doors leading into my bedroom. looks like the
perfect bedroom for breakfast in bed ey?! image via

all white bedroom with touches of gold, i always love those two together.
image via

i need a white bedroom!!

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  1. Why they're so pretty dreamy. I need a white beedroom too. Glad to find this inspirations.

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