what i love right now: swedish photographers and stylists

söderberg agentur was founded in 1994 to represent leading swedish photographers
(i am a huuuuge lover of all things swedish)

i could spend a long time on this site admiring the work of numerous swedish photographers as well as interior stylists...

take a look at the of the work from söderberg agentur to see
(what i love right now)

completely obsessed with this spray painted look...
pretty sure i need to try something like this in my current design project

looks very swedish...don't ya think?

pretty shots of a yummy brunch

i like the mood of this one

great coloring

such an adorable room...
i love how it doesn't look overly faked styled

great shot!!

(all images via söderberg agentur )

anyone want to be swedish for a day with me??

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