jetblue's new digs in long island city

this past weekend jetblue had an open house for their new headquarters in long island city!
family and friends of jetblue employees were invited to check out their fabulous new office space designed by the amazing hldesign firm. jetblue will occupy roughly 200,000 square feet at the metlife building located at 27-01 queens plaza north, between 27th and 28th streets. the company will be relocating 950 employees to the new office space by mid-2012. my hubby moves in at the end of this month! (lucky duck)
it was exciting to take a tour of my mr.'s new workspace. we both love the "new digs" (as my husband calls it) and are so happy he will be working in such a cheerful and upbeat environment! 
seriously...the new space is pretty amazing!!

i took a ton of photos but only put up some of them, i've also attached some pictures from the jetblueflickr account!
take a look at the new home of jetblue


the metlife and jetblue building located 
at queens plaza!
the lobby
welcome aboard! i love this blue entrance!
welcome to the jetblue headquarters!
i love the elevator lobby - probably because of that 
orange stripe!
elevator lobby lighting
headed to the airport? an airport kiosk and departure boards make 
it easy to catch your flight!

the salt lake city conference room has to be our favorite!!
sitting area reminds crewmembers of the jetblue values:
safety, caring, integrity, fun and passion

opposite view of the sitting area
love this combo for jetblue!
one of their many conference rooms
another conference room view, very sleek!
those chairs are extremely comfortable...plenty of 
seating throughout the building!
love this long tv screen panel (modeled after an airbus 320 wing) 
which features jetblue info including live feed tweets!
the base of the panel.
sitting area in the offices
i kinda love this shot!
break area, how cool is the lighting layout?
one of my favorite break areas...this one is called yellowstone national park!
bped with dave barger (papa blue) the ceo of jetblue!

isn't their new space amazing?!
i'm so excited i was able to take a tour and see where
my hubby will be working...

we love jetblue!


  1. awesome new space! congrats to bped and the peds! :D

  2. Amazing workspace!!! I feel a little envious of your hubs that he gets to spend his days there..

  3. I'm feeling envious too!! I'd love a workspace like that!


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