adore color: purple power

happy huesday fellow color lovers!
my boss just finished a project that we'll be shooting at the end of this week,
and this fab project has some amazing purples in the space (can't wait for you all to see it)
so - today i have purple on my mind...

purple hair...do you dare? image via pinterest

swoosh of purple, looks like a smudge of lipstick.

who wouldn't want this amazing purple leather chanel paris fall 2012 gloves

deep dark purple lips looks very moody, wondering if i could pull that color off?? image via

glassy baby!! i sure love all their colors, especially this purple one.

i just bought me a pair of black fringed high heels but this pair in purple by b brian atwood look so much better!

purple missssst via

a purple pelican chair 

speaking of my boss doug meyer, check out this side shot of his miami beach bedroom- loving those purple plexi walls!

amethyst stones...have to love them (it's my birth stone)

another designer who is a master of purple is jamie drake...i've always loved this purple bedroom
he did in the upper east side, spent sometime in this space on my internship while it was being filmed for hgtv.

p u r p l e
p o w e r 


  1. Now you've got me thinking about purple!

  2. You and me girlfriend. I loved that afternoon we spent there. Miss you!!

  3. Ahhh Whit such good memories with you! I MISS YOU!!

  4. I may not dare the purple hair, but I could definitely attempt those painted purple lips, love that colour!
    x kat


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