wanting wednesday: boboboom's lampshade couture

 ladies and gents
i am über excited to share my big time want for 
this wednesday!!

this wednesday i am wanting 
the couture lampshades from the french company boboboom!

theses hanging 
lamp shades are fan-freaking-tastic!!!
i loooove the way the look when they are mixed matched and clustered together!
i am pretty obsessed with these shades and i'm dying to own some.
they'd look extra fabulous hanging over a long staircase, don't you think?
i love all the different patterns, shapes, sizes and i especially love the fringe!

gimmie, gimmie!

they give off such a dramatic vibe!

i love the shades hung apart as well!

here are some of their options via their catalogue, take your pick! 
lampshade couture comes in 5 sizes,
5 solid colors and 6 patterns.

well helloooo charlotte!
this is one gorgeous floor lamp,
of course i am wanting it!

there is some serious vintage fabulousness going on in these shades!
for more information on their product visit
boboboom's website

is anyone else in love or has cupid only shot me?!

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