wanting wednesday + laundormat lovin'

...electrolux washer and dryer!
just writing that makes me feel lame, but how fabulous are those kelly green washer and dryer?

having your own washer and dryer is such a luxury i took for granted until 
i moved into my building last september. yes, i have laundry in my basement but it's still not the same.
it's still a major pain. 
so this wednesday (and everyday actually) i'm really wanting my very own washer and dryer! i would looove to own the kelly green ones shown above!

even though the thought of going to a laundromat sucks, i must admit there is something about super appealing about them!
so i've put together some of my favorite laundromat interior shots...
this may be the only time in your life you have some

laundromat lovin'

this image is biazzaro...that's why i love it!! (love when you have to ask yourself what
is going on here?)

suds laundromat in melbourne - fancy schmancy stuff!

where did her clothes go?!

party at the laundromat...don't forget your mask!

a hipster bathing at the laundromat

retro laundromat has some yummy coloring going on here

this could made great art!

pepto bismal laundromat advertising...and i like it! 
clean and happy!!

 where did her clothes go? part II

having to haul your clothes to the laundromat (or your building's basement) can be a pain in the wahoo
but after looking at these images wouldn't you agree it is a great backdrop for a fun photo shoot?

if you have your own washer and dryer, give it a hug and kiss for me
and never take it for granted.

happy hump day!


  1. I definitely don't remember the laundromat being that cool. Although, it was New York...I'm sure I had to have seen a few underwear clad people doing laundry in the time that I lived there...

    Washer and dryer: hugged.


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