what i love right now: friends make prints!

want to hang a beautiful animal head about your fireplace, guilt free?

now you can thanks to my lovely creative friend
 nic from my hometown back in utah. 

what i love right now...
her shop
friends make prints

nic miller takes animal designs and applies them to woodcuts, ranging from small magnets to life-size recreations! she is a freelance graphic designer and printmaker who eats vegetables while staring at mountains with her australian shepherd mix, sheila.

nic in front of her grandma ruthie's buffalo
her papa kenny moose
(he may be my favorite, i need him in my home someday!)

and the uncle randy deer
(love all the detail in her work)

how gorgeous are her black birds?
(photography by leah hogsten of the salt lake tribune)

such a stunning installation she did 

i am desperately wanting to use these birds in a project!

nic at the 3rd annual craft lake city
in salt lake city, utah

nic's bedroom in her home...
she has her very own grandma ruthie's buffalo hanging above her bed.

can we all say rawr?!
check out this intense bear she made...whew!

nic hard at work

how nic creates her unique animal friends...
"most of the details in my woodcuts are carved without any planning. i study the images i have in front of me and decide right there and then. once i have the image carved out, i ink it up, put some lovely rice paper over the wood block, roll it through the press, cut the edges, paste it onto 3/4” plywood and get my power tools out. it’s kind of a long process but i love the results." - taken from her interview with gavin sheehan for city weekly.

such a lovely business card! 
(a girl of many talents)

see more of nic's goodies on her website and visit her etsy shop!
like friends make prints on facebook and follow her on twitter and pinterest!

way to go nic! proud of your hard work and i admire all your creativity!!
go nic go!

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  1. That is such an amazing idea --- one that makes you go "hmmm, why didn't I think of that". So glad she went through with her idea, makes sense, makes a huge impact too!


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