made my heart melt monday march 26th

see what images are making my heart melt this monday...

now this is what i call awesome but weird art!
i found this image via interest but the link was broken...
i'm pretty sure this is a john stezaker piece but please correct me if i'm wrong.

loving this grey wool bundle!
johan ku, spring 2012

how mazing does st croix lake, in provence, france 
look? this is on my travel list

"i can't do this but i'm doing it anyway"
currently working on being fearless...

i love these light weight neon baggu backpacks! 
i own the orange and love it

jack dawson a.k.a leonardo will always make my heart melt!

coveting this georgian style home #dreamhouse
image via

not only does jack dawson make my heart melt 
so does baby lambs!!!!
image via

this headboard is beyond amazing!!
looks extra fab with that little babe.
headboard from www.casamidy.com

i  love this interior shot with the amazing green cabinet.
photography by magnus anesund

who loves roller coasters?? i do!
found this fantastic via

rapping an entire part of a song perfectly...
one of the little joys life.

just some of the images that made my heart melt this monday!

happy start of the week!
and happy birthday to my baby sister!!!!!!!
love you al...

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