made my heart melt monday

since it's monday you know i have some of my favorite images to share with you today!


first is this photo of black beauty with a head full of black
balloons...so odd that's why it's so amazing! i'd love to see something
like this in my wyoming lands. (may be my new favorite image!!)

seriously one of my favorite interior styling, has the perfect 
"just moved in" vibe styling by sara sjögren

here is another gorgeous interior styled by sara...
i looove the way this lady mixes things up!! check out that rocking chair next
to the amazing floor mirror. 

who wouldn't love to see a baby and a baby leopard drink a bottle of milk??

all this gorgeous green would make an amazing backyard!

can't get over this paint detail!! cool ey?

i wish i could hug an elephant!!

the best way to enter a home...to see a splash of color!
i love this beautiful orange stair runner and it the orange stripe above the molding in this simple entry way.

all wood living room by rita studio
i think this is in no way comfortable but it looks very intersting!

body paint has never looked so cool!

i am wanting/loving/needing this black and white pair of graphic sandals...

this image makes me want to run to sprinkles and grab a coconut cupcake!

a fabulous black and white scandinavian interior!
loving the large "n" and hanging bulbs.

and last but not least
"you need to let the little things in life that
would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you." - andy warhol
i'm working on this one...

i hope these images melted your heart too...

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