wanting wednesday: a unicorn mask

happy hump day!
it's wednesday so you know i'm wanting something...
but today my want is a little strange

last week i discovered this unicorn mask from
fredflare.com -- i really want it!

(wanting wednesday)

weird, weird i know...
but i love taking random odd pictures in the city and i think 
a fabulous outfit + this unicorn mask could make some interesting shots!!

take a look at the images below to see what i'm talking about
this photo of with the tiger head is awesome!

70's style...

don't these masks look great in the subways?

now this would be perfect for shark week!

 pablo picasso wearing a cow's head mask 
photography by gjon mili

this is adorable...
a couple with a panda and bear mask (or head?)
photography by you can't be serious


look mom i'm a giraffe!

not a mask just a stunning image!!!!

who knows maybe you'll see me in some odd shots in the city wearing a unicorn mask.
weird is good in my book.


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Love the images! So great. I like the shark:)


  2. I think this just made my day.


I love you for commenting

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