heart stopping steps

if your stairs are dull...make them

don't be afraid, if you own your home grab some paint and experiment...do it for me, pretty please!
i promise you if i had my own staircase they'd be anything but dull.

take a look at some statement staircases i'm crushing on

painted red runner on white stairs
photo by jenny brandt for dos family

love these aqua colored stairs!
project by lasc studio

maybe you're not into that much color on
your stairs like the aqua image above...so try just painting the steps!

or maybe just the risers? i love these pink risers...
how fantastic! image via the glitter guide

go bold with all black stairs! image via

this paint detail made to look like a rug would be great for 
outdoor stairs! image found via pinterest

navy blue risers - love this styling...looks like
children run up and down those stairs!

how gorgeous is this entry? i think those dark
stairs are stunning! image via 47 park avenue

another painted runner...i am loving this look! (also loving that mirror!!)

multi-colored risers and white steps.

after looking at all these images i really wish i had a staircase of my own 
to dress up!!

paint goes along way...

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