adore color: minty mint

happy huesday color lovers!
i asked my hubby the other day what my huesday color should be
he replied "do shi**y green"

i told him i'd do a a fresher version 
so here are some of my minty green loves...

glam mint dress and clutch (i want them both)
mint green hanging dutch light
mint chocolate chip ice cream on a chanel cone (very glam)
vintage chair with mint fabric
mint roller skates...if rollerskating wasn't so tricky i'd want these
benjamin noriega-ortiz's fabulous mint walls at his beach home
a mint apartment complex with a mint slug bug
minty misty smoke!!

really though...who doesn't like the color mint?
i love color!

1 comment:

  1. i definitely do! great colour, absolutely loving the pendant
    happy belated huesday :)
    x kat


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