wanting wednesday: to be a deeee jay! (video)

i have always wanted to be a dj (still do) but when i saw this video
"the future of dj'ing" it made me want to be a dj even more!!

watch the video and try telling me that isn't amazing!

jamming out to music with neon headphones
i love music...i need to learn how to dj asap!

anyone want to teach me??



adore color: bad A browns

happy huesday fellow color lovers!
today i wanted to focus on a color that i sometimes neglect.
b r o w n 

from top left to right
1. after seeing this picture of long curly brown hair i had to share, it's completely gorgeous!
this is the color i'm trying to get on my own hair...
2. one of my favorite chair companies is o&g studio in rhode island.
i discovered them last year at icff and fell head over heels with their work. i loooove this atlantic lowback chair so very much!
3. this celine pre fall 2012 brown blouse and pants is perfection! i want to wear this badly.
3. love this leopard band timex watch, get it at nordstrom!
4. another fabulous brown outfit...can you guess why i love this one?!
sequin top- woot woot!! image via
5. amazing dark chocolate brown walls, this kitchen is seriously amazing!
6. another lovely dark brown wall interior, this living room is stunning!! image via
7. i have this image of these two cougars wearing leopard skirts hanging in my entry,
there is something super wacky/tacky about this image but i love it. via

i'm sorry i tend to forget about you brown, just know that i can find you very attractive.
hope this post made you like brown some more too.



made my heart melt monday

it has been a fabulous monday! spent the day wandering around sunny soho sourcing and shopping on my project! i even had time to make something special!! 
take a look at some images that made my heart melt this monday...

i have been loving this image! i think i need to go ahead and order this
print and hang it up in mi casa! check out the shop here

"nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"
thanks for reminding me jonathan adler! i need this in my home, need
to be reminded daily...blah.

ahhh...how adorable is this sleeping baby?!

speaking of adorable baby, i got to tend this precious little one
yesterday for a bit at church! he ALWAYS makes my heart melt.
look at that face! how could you not melt?

a elephant with butterfly ears would be a beautiful sight!

ok...this would have been my dream room as a little nugget!
such a cute girls room, it's not so pink in your face "i'm a girl!"
but it has tons of personality and i'm pretty sure she'll grow up to be in cirque du soleil! via

hello fabulous, amazing, wonderful red house!! i love you.

in love with this cobalt blue feather skirt...maybe because my project has a lot of cobalt blue in
the mix. LOVE love love that color!

this image of alaska is a complete heart melter!!
gorgeousness times 50!

this weekend my bosses and i worked on a photo shoot for dougandgene.com
for their new spring collection! i think i found a new love...
styling photo shoots! i had such a blast!! here are some sneak peek pics from the shoot,
 instagram version

gene meyer + alice and olivia scarves are freaking adorable!

maybe it was extra fun because my hubby was one of our
models...mmm he looks gooood in that gene meyer tie!
i'll do a post on the shoot soon!

i even got doug to take a picture with me!!
i love this pic of the two of us...now if i can only convince gene
to get in one with me!

took a trip to the MoMa! this metallic candy floor installation by felix gonzalez-torres
was a big heart melter...because it was made out of candy and they let 
you eat it!! heaven!

i took a little video to show how cool it was...watch 

love this! 
"be sure to taste your words before
you spit them out."

here is what i made this monday
 a neon pink rubber and rope necklace!!
found my items at the rubber, hardware and trimming store.
love getting crafty!

i hope today was wonderful for you and if not hopefully the next six days will be!



what i love right now: jet blue + aviation images

let me tell you what i'm loving right now!
later today my mr. will be home from florida where he's been spending 
this week in orientation for his new job at...

jetblue airways!!!
my hubby has been dreaming of this week for a long time now, ever since we moved to nyc (and even before we got here) he has been determined to get a job with his favorite airline. it took a looong time for him to get this job so we are thrilled he is now the newest member of the jetblue team. 
go B!!

super proud of my aviation loving hubby!

so since aviation has been on the brain lately, i decided to share
some of my favorite aviation images that i have had saved up in my pinterest boards. 
doesn't this jet setter look extremely fabulous? 

i wish i got this dressed up to fly! loving her look and her suitcase!

one thing that stinks about flying with my hubby is he always gets the window seat! always...
i love this image because it reminds me of my cran-apple drinks i always get on my flights!

vintage aviation photos are the best!! psa knew how
to work in some color!

check out those hot mamas and their minis...

on your mark, get set, go!

one of the best perks of his new job,
free flights.
ohhh i'm so excited!!

love this shot of an airplane!

found a similar image hanging in a breakfast nook! via a.t.

dear b,
i love you and i'm so thrilled for you...

can't wait for some more adventurers!

loving this new relationship with my hubby and jetblue!!


wanting wednesday (some random wants)

for those of you who don't know me....i am one random sista sue!
i can be talking about barbara walters and immediately jump to talking about 
mountain dew7-eleven slurpees.
my hubby is pretty good at tracing my thoughts...
at least i can keep myself interested and entertained! right?

so for today's wanting wednesday there is no "theme" just some glorious random items i am wanting!

plates! i am wanting some different fun plates in my beautiful white cupboards!
i am loving these graphic black and white plates...anyone know where i can find them?!

living in small spaces good storage is the key to a clutter free life which is the kinda life us ped's love,
i would love to own this plexi trunk and fill it with some items that need a special home!

i stare at my bike everyday and want so badly to take her for a spin,
wanting spring so we can go and be adventurous!

speaking of bikes, two years ago my family and i biked around a gorgeous lake similar to the image
above, and i am wanting to be back in that moment right now!

wanting some colorful fun patterned cross-stitched artwork in my home!

how lovely are these nude nails?! must grab this color at mac asap!

really wanting this horsey black and white blouse.
to make this want extra special i want to wear it while riding one of my mother-in-law's
horses in wyoming. sounds like heaven right now.

i am a picture taking freak! super obsessed with instagram, so these iphone lenses would
be pretty funky fabulous to have!

hello gorgeous oscar de la renta yellow tassel earings...come to mama!
i will love you forever.

can olivia palermo be my stylist? por favor?! this outfit she's wearing at london
fashion week is bomb.com times 6!! major want (all of it).

every time i see these beautiful neon cambridge satchels i scream 
"I WANT" in my head! (really wanting the green one)

i want a little o.c.d. in me so i can beautifully arranged jewelry drawers 
like this image above.

summer, sun, swimsuits, ocean, boating...i want you all
soooo bad!

i want this soft fluffy yummy white bedspread in my life right now,
i know there is no way possible to have this when little nuggets are running around our home.

last week i had a brilliant idea for a necklace i want to make...when i find some free time in my life 
i will make it and share!

and for my last want (besides world peace...)
a baby lion!!!

hope you are all enjoying your week so far,
two more days then it's

xo- mo
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