made my heart melt monday

eets mundai mates! 
(spent time around my adorable aussie friend this weekend, i love her accent!)

since it's monday you know i have some images to share that made my heart melt! 

loving the coloring in this photo,
her legs look 2 miles long in that black and white striped suit! love!

i love nyc (how cool is this gif?)

i'm a huge fan of monochromatic spaces so i'm melting over this 
orangey red monochromatic wall. via

i miss my mountains

hello! there is an astronaut in your bathtub holding a toaster...crazy but 
i want this in my home! via

the coloring and posture in this image is great! via

gorgeous black and white geometric stone floor. can i have this for
a driveway one day?! via

james marsden...my celebrity crush! what are you thinking about darlin'??
(making my heart melt)

you know neon lights melt my heart! i want this neon light wall!! 
image via

a dramatic but simple wall graphic. clever clever and i love!
image via

if i woke up from a coma and channing tatum told me he was
my husband, i wouldn't question it...DUH! makes me wonder if seeing the "vow"
is worth it??

the sound of music is one of my favorite movies ever! love that my bosses pinned 
this image on their pinterest board image via

interesting dining booth by

my favorite quote this week by mrs. eleanor roosevelt! 

i hope you're having a good monday and that you enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. I adore these pics. Especially the neon lights and James Marsden! Hope you had a fantastic Valentines! xo

  2. Sarah so glad you are a fellow James Marsden lover! Hope you had a great Valentines as well!! xo

  3. Morgs-- Go see The Vow if you haven't already! it's sooooo good!!! I miss you!


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