wanting wednesday...happy february!

it's wednesday lovely people...
hallelujah! we've made it half way through the work week! to make this hump day even better take a peek inside my random brain and see what i'm wanting this first wednesday of february.
i want this tom dixon bulb chandelier very badly, ever since i laid eyes on this amazing fixture
i can't stop thinking about it.
how adorable/creative is this two toned pocket door?  such a clever way to give this space
a dramatic colorful look.
image via
dying to be soaking up the sun on a houseboat in one of my favorite places on earth
lake powell!! (i miss it very much!)
image via
so here is why i'm weird, i'm craving the sun and water in lake powell but today i've been having random cravings to be snowboarding in utah...and i'm not very good at snowboarding so i usually don't enjoy it...but i guess not having the snow caped mountains in my backyard anymore makes me miss snowboarding even if i'm no shaun white.
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wanting wanting wanting (so bad) this case-mate tortoise shell iphone case! isn't it fabulous?!

pastel oreos and a glass of cold milk sounds like perfection at the moment!
image via

i want to step inside mathew williamson's living room! i love the glass walls and mirror, very much

this gene meyer scarf is amazing and i want one!

to wear a cute turban (perfect for bad hair days)

would love to own this L*space fringe swim top for my trip to belize....but more importantly i want this girl's body
for my trip to belize.  p.s. doesn't she kind look like vanessa from gossip girl?

don't get me wrong...i love the color in the orange extension cords, but wow-za i think i love this hot pink cord
even more!! image via

dear and hubby and fam, birthday is next week (wink wink)



  1. So glad I stumbled upon your blog today! I think one by one we need to replace all of our orange cords with those pink ones. For sure.


  2. Yay I am so glad you did too Erin! xo


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