adore color: bad A browns

happy huesday fellow color lovers!
today i wanted to focus on a color that i sometimes neglect.
b r o w n 

from top left to right
1. after seeing this picture of long curly brown hair i had to share, it's completely gorgeous!
this is the color i'm trying to get on my own hair...
2. one of my favorite chair companies is o&g studio in rhode island.
i discovered them last year at icff and fell head over heels with their work. i loooove this atlantic lowback chair so very much!
3. this celine pre fall 2012 brown blouse and pants is perfection! i want to wear this badly.
3. love this leopard band timex watch, get it at nordstrom!
4. another fabulous brown outfit...can you guess why i love this one?!
sequin top- woot woot!! image via
5. amazing dark chocolate brown walls, this kitchen is seriously amazing!
6. another lovely dark brown wall interior, this living room is stunning!! image via
7. i have this image of these two cougars wearing leopard skirts hanging in my entry,
there is something super wacky/tacky about this image but i love it. via

i'm sorry i tend to forget about you brown, just know that i can find you very attractive.
hope this post made you like brown some more too.



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