what i love right now: a happy nursery

[a happy nursery!]

i feel like i know a lot of pregnant girls at the moment or new mommies! so talk of babies have come up a lot lately, plus i spent last night babysitting my friend's adorable little nugget...
while i was surrounded by all his toys and baby world stuff i started thinking about how nice it would be to have space in a new york apartment to actually have a real nursery.
 (i live in a studio so room for a nursery is only a dream) 
i'm not preggo or anything but of course the designer in me is always thinking how i would design my nursery. i like a baby's room to not be so literal. a room where they can grow in, a creative and happy place. 

take a look at some baby interiors that i find to be super adorable!

me with my little buddy

how awesome is this picture?! via

i love the look of this space, it doesn't scream little baby but it has the vibe of comfort and imagination which is important when growing up. 

wallpaper is a must in my book when designing a nursery but wallpaper can get pricey so i like the idea of a wall mural like the image above, it's graphic and playful and has a dramatic effect on the space. via

more wallpaper and loving this ikea print for a window treatment. via

black and white is a great choice for a nursery, works great for boy or girl! (ps, loving those floors) via

i'd die to have these colored floors in my kid's room! the joy of ownership...
you do whatever you want! via

one of the first kids' room i worked on at gv interiors...
we designed this bunk bed to sleep 3 little kiddos. i also loved the graphic knoll wallpaper we used!

dream rug!! i would have been in heaven with this kind of floor. via

hanging children's art is the best kind of art, especially in their bedroom. via

wallpaper!! it does so much for the room. via

if wallpaper isn't your thing give the wall a chalkboard finish
and let the kiddos go wild with creativity. via

if you like the look of wallpaper but not the price, a giant world
map will do the trick! via

a kid's space should be a happy place! via

and...best baby book of all time!


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  1. Totally love the stripes. But maybe for myself, not for a nursery :)


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