made my heart melt monday birthday!!

i turn 24 today...
semi-depressing only because i do not want to get any older 
(i know mom i'm still way young, yada yada)
BUT i'm working on a new philosophy where i try to find the beauty in everything.
so... 24 i think we can be friends.
i'll give you a year!

here are some of my favorite birthday images (or ideas) 

happy monday and happy birthday to me and all the other february sixers out there!

my favorite crepe! white chocolate strawberry...

best birthday chair ever!! yes.

cake batter pancakes

amazzzzing, get ready for it...

fabulous birthday chairs! sparkles and balloons, 
best way to my heart!

glowing/neon balloons. put a Glow stick in a balloon before you blow it up.
 perfect for night parties! 

bubble gum cake

will be having a sprinkles coconut cupcake,
pinkberry and my white chocolate crepe today! delish.

chocolate sprinkles rim for milkshakes

the best kind of piñata out there 
(if filled with sour candy)

birthday presents by the fire while wearing a leopard body suit ey?

feliz cumple!

another year older and another year wiser?? we shall see...
wishing i was with my family today but i will see them soon enough.



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