what i love right now: my bosses doug and gene meyer!

(my bosses... doug and gene meyer!)

 i first discovered doug and gene's work last may and i immediately emailed them expressing how badly i wanted to work for them. it took a few months for us to officially meet one another but after our meeting i became their new employee! 
i was so ecstatic to have the opportunity to work for such amazing designers!!

(a little background on the two)

doug and gene are two fabulous brothers from good ole ken-tuck-ey!

i love this picture of them as wee little tots

doug (the interior designer) and gene (the fashion designer) "merged in 2004 and opened their design studio after a lifetime of personal and professional admiration inspired them to work together. since then the brothers joined creative forces for a unique range of products from fabrics to rugs, furniture, accessories, as well as fashion and interior design projects.

doug and gene’s designs are based on a shared logic, then peppered with historical references from the 18th century to modern times: subtle and classic forms mixed with bold and graphic shapes, layers of elegance and detail augmented by the brothers love of unexpected color and textural combinations. the doug and gene meyer brand helps clients realize their full potential and fulfill their wildest dreams with inspired, beautiful and timely design". -from their site

their try angular rug is currently featured in vogue magazine which
is so exciting...especially with the lovely adele on the cover! page 595 if you have the

some of their amazing rugs available at studio four nyc

doug loves blues and greens and so do i!

heavenly backyard in miami designed by doug meyer

one of my favorite doug meyer interiors.

i am obsessed with gene meyer scarves!

some gene meyer ties

international editor at large for vogue, hamish bowles wearing a gene meyer tie

doug and gene meyer outdoor fabrics for link outdoor

pillow and plates from doug and gene meyer

small side tables from their new home collection
i love the neon details!

i get a history lesson on something fabulous in art and design from these two at least once a day, they are constantly taking me back in time and explaining all the wonderful details about the creative world. 

a day doesn't go by at work where we aren't laughing, calling each other nicknames or cracking jokes, it is such a great creative environment to be in, i love it so much. 
they have quickly become two of my favorite people!
 i respect them so much and admire them for all their creativeness and knowledge. 
i love learning and working for them, i consider myself a lucky girl each day i leave work! 

the sweet office, picture of our desk! painting by nancy lorenz

sneaking a quick picture of me and doug working. 
see the happy colorful office? me gusta mucho!

this is sadly the only picture i have of the three of us at the jan kath opening in the 
february issue of architectural digest germany. 

i am so loving doug and gene and loving working for color lovers!
p.s. i also love that if i bring cheetos or pop tarts to work they stop and make me read the nutritional label 
on back so i can realize how bad it is for me.   

keep up with doug and gene
like their page on facebook 
follow them on twitter and pinterest
and learn more about the brothers and see their work
on their website dougandgenemeyer.com

to doug and gene!

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