eye inspired: the rainbow walk above denmark!!

last few days i have had colored plexiglass on my mind 
(something i really love and so does my boss, item to bond over??)
anywhoo, earlier this week i stumbled on one of the coolest things i have seen in awhile 
(and i'm always on the hunt for creative madness) 
so i can say i have been...

::eye inspired::
[seeing something with your eye that inspires the living daylight out of you]

in the beautiful land of denmark there is an installation named "your rainbow panorama" 
created by artist  Olafur Eliasson located above the
 ARoS aarhus kunstmuseum in Århus, denmark. 
this exhibit is 493' long, 9' high and 9' wide. 

get ready for awesomeness!!

your rainbow panorama = magic!
after building models before i can appreciate this one here!
 "it gives visitors a different feeling to their familiar city, bringing brightness to the 
regular landscape, reminding us of some childhood dreams of walking through the rainbow. 
it’s visible from a far distance and it lights up at night which makes “your rainbow panorama”
 a new colorful landmark to the city." from urbanpeek.com

the best part of this rainbow...
your view changes with COLOR!
all the colors from the rainbow...so dreamy for me!

how gorgeous is this tunnel of color? can i ride my bike through here super fast listening to my
favorite jams?! #wishing

denmark is all orange! wonder what it looks like through color at sunrise

now time for a walking tour! watch this...

i wish i could see this rainbow above denmark! 
how cool is this?!
 this is pure heaven for a color lover, pure bliss! 
thank goodness for creative geniuses like  Olafur
(can you come do this to nyc?)

who's inspired???!

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