my sister the artist

yesterday while i was up at utah state (post to come on ghislaine viñas at usu) i needed a quick rest- so i headed over to my sisters dorm on campus...i knew my sister was an amazing ceramist (i need to do a post on that too), and i knew she could paint...but i didn't know how good of a painter she was until i creeped around her room. here are some images of her work- these pics are from my iphone (so not great quality).

watching my sister paint her new landscape piece. 

she's  amazing

she's not a fan of this one- but i love it! love the colors...

my sister loves red hot chili peppers- here is her painting of lead singer anthony kiedis. 

she calls her heather.

here is a piece she is working on at the moment- i see antlers!

i'm proud of you sister-thanks for the inspiration!


my sibs

i seriously have the best siblings in the world... i am the oldest of these three kiddos- they hold such a special place in my heart [cheesy i know] but i feel super lucky to have a close relationship with each of my siblings- can't wait to be with them this week and have some one on one time with each of them.

my boss is cooler than your boss

tomorrow i'm heading back to my home state [utah] with my boss mrs. ghislaine vinas. she'll be speaking this wednesday at my alma mater [utah state university] @ 4:00pm in the performance hall for those of you in the area. come see why my boss is so cool...i promise it will be worth your while!!

i'm extremely excited to go back west and be with my family, see my friends, and to be around utah and all her beauty! craving movies, krispy kreme's, chips and salsa from chili's, and chick-fil-a waffle fries. classy eh?


frame by frame

my cousin jessica sent this video to me-- you must watch this lady's morning elegance frame by frame. such an artistic video... hope you had a great easter. buenos noches.

crazy eggs

my easter eggs were never this cool...
speaking of crazy eggs...can't forget about lady gaga at the grammys!

happy easter!


eclectic dining

                 tomorrow is easter sunday (happy easter) and since we can't be with our family for easter dinner we can luckily be with our cousins in the city for a small but yummy feast. sadly i don't share my cousin jessica's desire to become a great cook. i love the idea of entertaining, having dinners, and gatherings at my home- i just hate the cooking part. will i ever love to cook? one thing i do love is a pretty dining room... i've pulled some dining room images that i think would make the perfect place for a holiday dinner.  

i love this dining room a million times!!






gooood friday

good friday = no work! what to do what to do... anything i want!! 

1- brunch with britton and cousins.
2-sold old clothes to buffalo exchange...store credit cha ching!

3- found the cutest kid in all of new york! don't you agree?

4- checked out the artsy fartsys in union square and discovered marty's amazing sock puppet portraits. i think they may be my new art obsession. these are seriously funky and i love them and will buy one! actually i want a few for a collection!

5- watched the best street performers...ever!! video to come soon on my hubby's blog!

6- went into metalliferous because they're always closed when i get off work...

hmmm what to make?

check out the necklace i made. looove it!

i love looking up.

7- earth day street fair near grand central. eco friendly ice? say whhhat?

hello grand central!

8- hopped on the 5, caught a bus and ended up at the met.

chairs...many chairs.

baseball card exhibit. bomb.com.

oooo....what is this i see?

awesome possumness!! beautiful :)

9- walking along central park and found this little happy sculpture.

10- went to play with the new ipad at the apple flagship store.

11- i always heart the windows at bergdorf goodman. hey little piggy.

12- had some greek fries (covered in melted feta) wtih britton from bz grill in astoria. yum.

today was glorious. i went where ever i wanted to go. it felt nice being solo and not having a plan. it was one of those days where i kept thinking...really- i live here?! new york doesn't allow boredom! i love you new york, thanks for an amazing day.

piccsy love

i just got lost on piccsy ...

i want one

this screams summer to me- which makes me happy

i love.

perfect if you're homeless.

oh mr. starck.

i am going to teach myself to sew.

can't wait to hug my mama bear in 5 days!

remember when these were cool??


i need to learn to love yellow.

take me there


goodnight xoxo

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