gooood friday

good friday = no work! what to do what to do... anything i want!! 

1- brunch with britton and cousins.
2-sold old clothes to buffalo exchange...store credit cha ching!

3- found the cutest kid in all of new york! don't you agree?

4- checked out the artsy fartsys in union square and discovered marty's amazing sock puppet portraits. i think they may be my new art obsession. these are seriously funky and i love them and will buy one! actually i want a few for a collection!

5- watched the best street performers...ever!! video to come soon on my hubby's blog!

6- went into metalliferous because they're always closed when i get off work...

hmmm what to make?

check out the necklace i made. looove it!

i love looking up.

7- earth day street fair near grand central. eco friendly ice? say whhhat?

hello grand central!

8- hopped on the 5, caught a bus and ended up at the met.

chairs...many chairs.

baseball card exhibit. bomb.com.

oooo....what is this i see?

awesome possumness!! beautiful :)

9- walking along central park and found this little happy sculpture.

10- went to play with the new ipad at the apple flagship store.

11- i always heart the windows at bergdorf goodman. hey little piggy.

12- had some greek fries (covered in melted feta) wtih britton from bz grill in astoria. yum.

today was glorious. i went where ever i wanted to go. it felt nice being solo and not having a plan. it was one of those days where i kept thinking...really- i live here?! new york doesn't allow boredom! i love you new york, thanks for an amazing day.

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