i need this alarm!

i used to think of myself as a morning person--until i got a job. or maybe it's because i go to bed late everynight... i think that may be it. i never wake up to the first alarm (bad habit)! i set three, i know it's ridiculous. i set one really early so i make myself think i'm getting to sleep in, the second is at the time i should be waking up, and the third is pushing it so i have to get up right away. so when i found this alarm on yanko design i thought..that's an alarm for me!!

this alarm has no snooze button, so it challenges you with brain teasers to shut it off! in order to turn it off you need to get the hard to open battery compartment open and hold the power button for 30 seconds..how annoying! that's the beauty of it! 

source: yanko design

designed by oliver sha.


  1. Oh man, it took me so long to figure out which number was next! Somehow I thought the difference between 13 & 21 was seven and so I thought they were adding prime numbers but 32 wasn't a possibility... [sigh]

    I'd freaking throw the thing out the window!

  2. I know!! But I guess you would wake up smarter...and really wake up.

  3. I think I have a new wish list item! The snooze button is my very best friend & worst enemy! Loving your blog.

  4. Thanks J! I love reading yours too...it makes me miss the littles!


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