my sister the artist

yesterday while i was up at utah state (post to come on ghislaine viñas at usu) i needed a quick rest- so i headed over to my sisters dorm on campus...i knew my sister was an amazing ceramist (i need to do a post on that too), and i knew she could paint...but i didn't know how good of a painter she was until i creeped around her room. here are some images of her work- these pics are from my iphone (so not great quality).

watching my sister paint her new landscape piece. 

she's  amazing

she's not a fan of this one- but i love it! love the colors...

my sister loves red hot chili peppers- here is her painting of lead singer anthony kiedis. 

she calls her heather.

here is a piece she is working on at the moment- i see antlers!

i'm proud of you sister-thanks for the inspiration!


I love you for commenting

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