set the table with these then send me an invite!

 take a look at a few ridiculously amazing plates that i would love to own one day! where the heck were these plates when i was picking out my china?! it's a good thing i went with a simple pattern so i can add these along the way. i'm no bobby flay so these plates would make my dinners look gooood!

screw jewlery! give me these plates por favor!! mexicon platter from dfc.

can't go wrong with a black and white graphic plate. odd dinner plates (that's their name) from haus interiors- pick your plate according to your place in the family...

i want this colorful collection! i saw them at barney's a while back and have been in love ever since!


wooooowwww- these are sooo freaking odd- i love them!!  asian european china mix going on here! such a unique idea by ctrlzak. i want to eat thanksgiving dinner off these!

what do you think of these? you can say i have weird taste. i know.

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