iceland, you look good!

watch this video and try telling me you don't want to visit iceland! ps props to those who made this iceland video--you have me sold!!

it's been almost a year since my hubby and i spent a month driving across europe (11 countries). we had the best time ever!! it was ammmazzzing i wish wish wish we could do it every year. we made the best memories-we took thousands of pictures-(we'll make a movie one of these days) saw and did amazing things...where to start! anywhoooo i wanna go back, but this time we want to venture off to sweden (i have become obsessed with all things swedish) norway, britt's ancestors come from over there-it's beautiful, and now after watching that little clip i want to go to iceland!!

i have a crazy long list of places i want to see and spend more time in. sigh. i could spend every last nickel on traveling- those memories last a lifetime! i hope my kids will be good little troopers because they'll be coming with!

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  1. bahahahhahahahha! oh my god this is amazing! can i post this on my blog please?


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