made my heart melt monday may 21st

happy monday readers!
 i'm in belize this week but today i'm sharing my favorite images that have been making my heart melt...
yes, the images are random and yes they are fabulous!

vintage image of the handsome couple elivs and priscilla
i think she was the biggest babe- elivs looks a little dumpy here,
but over all it's a fantastic shot of the two! via
i love the this bedroom designed by laura day,
i am head over heels with the neon text above the bed and on top of
the wallpaper! my kind of bedroom. via
i would love to make this wrong woods door my front door some day.
so amazing. 
isn't this image of a young julie andrews gorgeous?! via
great yellow gradient dresser, especially for a child's room.
this would make a fun DIY project. via
great image with beautiful blue coloring with a pop of red. via
beautiful image of johannesburg, south africa.
a must on my travel list. via

what this world needs is a group hug!
i love this..#sotrue via
graceful pose in all white.

and...blair and chuck with always make my heart melt. so sad i have to wait till next season
to see what happens to these two lovely people.

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and your
week has started off right!


  1. Wow...I thought that first image of Priscilla was you! Amazing likeness! Hope you are having a great time in Belize, girl!


  2. oh so green with envy! Would love a getaway to Belize, hope you're having a fabulous time!
    And random is always fabulous
    x kat


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