if these walls could talk...

want an original way to let your walls say what's on your mind? or maybe you're just a word nerd- here are some funky alternatives.

i love this image of the text going up the wall...very unconventional which is why i love it. i am not loving however everything else in this image-lamp, art, and tile.

want to say "take your damn shoes off" in a nice way without being in your face (because it's below your face...get it)?

something about this image makes me want to say my abc's-i'm loving the large/colorful/random letter mix.

if you're a quote person, putting your favorites in a collection works- but keep it simple and don't add anything else to the wall.

this wallpaper from mrperswall.com is a yummy way to get letters up. i am loving this desk set up!

instead of using this concept on your refrigerators find another way to play with words like this image here.

put it in the tile...but if you're going to go through all that work- say something interesing!

using block letters and turning it into an installation- custom and personal.

now spit it out.


  1. love these letter, and wall ideas! especially the remove your shoes one. thanks for posting. I'm a new twitter follower!

    twitter: kathblogger

  2. Thanks Kathryn! I am now following you on twitter and your blog! Love making new blog/twitter connections.


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