julie hillman design

when i first arrived in nyc - i was a recent design graduate with no job. i searched day and night...a bad economy isn't so sweet. i got lucky and ended up having a meeting with editor-in-chief (he is such a great guy) of new york spaces magazine. after our meeting he sent me off with the latest issue of the magazine (seen below). on the subway ride home i started flipping through the magazine and came across the cover story and discovered julie hillman design. i was so intrigued with her modern eclectic design style that i picked up the phone and called her office right away...after an interview and a "test day" i luckily ended up getting a job offer with her firm-- the same time i was offered to work for ghislaine vinas (a designer i was badly wanting to work for) and ghislaine's invite to her firm wasn't one i could pass on. so - even though i didn't end up working for julie hillman, i really admire her taste and design style! if you haven't heard or seen much of her work you must take some time discovering what she does best! take a peek at the images below. enjoy xoxo!


how unexpected is this combo? that's what makes it so mmm...

i love the black wall.

so chic...right?

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