ghislaine viñas in new york design hunting magazine

 of course i have a designer crush on ghislaine viñas...
she was my first interior design boss when i moved to new york city!
right now i'm crushing on the tribeca apartment that she designed for one of her clients that was featured in the may issue of 
it was a project i worked on while at her firm! 
it's always exciting seeing a project come to life...
check out the space below...

i remember seeing renderings of this space trying to figure out what would look best,
i think the monochromatic all black entry way looks super fabulous! plus how cute are the client's little kiddos in the picture?

finding the perfect sectional for this was a challenge!

moooi fixtures sit a above a looong table and notice the black sheep in the eames chair?

i like the pop of black in the kitchen cabinets!

a firery red tv room! 

ghislaine loves her some stripes...i like them too especially
in the neon color!!

very exciting to have this project in the new magazine as well as my current bosses
project!! you can see that post here...

happy friday lovers!


  1. Wow. You get extra cool points for having had a boss with a home like that. Ha! I love the brave splashes of color.

  2. My boss did have a really sweet place but that wasn't her home, it was her client's.

  3. love the colors -great photos


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