what i love right now: westbury estate and gardens

yesterday i had planned to be in chicago to attend neocon...
since i was flying standby to chi-town i was a little nervous i wouldn't make my flight back to new york.
so i got cold feet and decided to skip neocon and instead spend the day with my hubby and sister.
our good friend's are out of town and let us borrow their car, as i was dropping him off at the airport he suggested we take the car to the beach. since yesterday's weather was wet and misty and not the type of weather you'd prefer for the beach we decided we'd venture off into long island to check out some of the gold coast mansions! surprisingly the westbury estate is only a short trip from home, around 30 minutes!!
we met up with another friend and her daughter and hit the road.
(how amazing is this mansion?? feels so european!)
there is something so charming about east coast towns! i love the lush greenery, winding roads and old homes that line the streets.
in old westbury the homes are at a larger scale!!
we arrived at the property and drove through the most amazing tree lined road that led to this grand red brick estate. once we got their we found out we wouldn't be able to tour the inside of the home because the show royal pains was filming. since it was lightly raining and the mansion was closed for tours it meant besides the filming crew, we were pretty much the only people on the grounds.
this place was a-may-zing!!!!!
the gardens went on and on and on....we followed the paths and kept discovering one magical place after the other. it was unbelievable. it reminded me of the movies pride and prejudice, secret garden and it also reminded me of monet's gardens in giverny.

i am loving the westerbury estate & gardens right now!
some facts about the property...

 we were completely smitten by this place.
we kept thinking, who knew this place was so close to home? also, how amazing it would have been to attend parties at this place back when it was first built! it felt incredible to have so much grass and blooming flowers surrounding us, plus fresh air is always amazing. 
the misty rain made everything feel extra mysterious and magical.
we went a little picture crazy...

this property is a pretty popular place for movies and t.v.
some films and t.v. shows that have been filmed here are

cruel intensions
gossip girl (nate's grandfather's house)
american gangster
the manchurian candidate
love story

i want to go back and check out this inside of the mansion...
i loved spending the afternoon getting lost in the beautiful gardens, i also loved having my friend's little 21 month year old with us. she had all the space in the world to run and play! 
if you live in new york you need to make a visit to this gorgeous property!!!

hope you're having a lovely thursday!

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