sister. summer. diy.

i have two baby sisters...one {i won't mention any names...} won't come visit me in the city this summer {saaad}. i understand, she has to work, golf stuff, yaddy yadda. the other sister is dying to get here because she has a crush on the big apple- and i say- come flirt sista! 
this sister and i like to make things {we come from a creative family, minus my mom but she's still special} so i told her when you get here i have a list of things we can make...and hopefully sell. a girls got to eat, right? we both appreciate the funky and unique stuff in life, plus my sis has bomb.com style. she'll buy something, bring it home, and then do something weird to make it her own before wearing it out! we hate malls and getting the same stuff as everyone else- so what's more unique than making something yourself? i've been searching and i have a good idea of where i can find the items we need. i have come up with some cool clothing/scarves/jewelry ideas and even started to sketch a few things down. but here are some photos of inspirational items {all jewelry} i plan on making thanks to honestly wtf and ps i made this {those chicas always inspire me}...

a necklace i bought at a thrift shop -- has given me lots of ideas!

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  1. looks super fun-ky! show me show me when you're done!


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