everyday objects on your wall

let me begin this post by saying i am a lover of wallpaper... i am always on the hunt for new wallpaper companies so when i found soy este [wallpapers inspired by everyday objects] i fell in love right away, then i thought...i want to use these right away! how often do you see band aid wallpaper? or saltine crackers wallpaper? i bet never right? that's why these papers are so beyond bomb.com! take a look at my fave from the website...

band aids

q tips

i spent today in a crappy ear doctor clinic and kept thinking how awesome it would be if the walls were covered in q tip wallpaper?! band aids too- if you're a doctor and reading this hire me and let's buy some este paper and make your place amazing!

flavor ice... :)



stick of gum

saltine crackers

do you love?  these wallpapers are now on my obsessed list - i think they are so creative and would add the perfect amount of awesomeness to any room! love what you're doing soy este!!

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