going to the 2011 mtv movie awards!!

i can't think of a better way to kick off summer than by heading to los angeles for the 2011 mtv movie awards- thanks to my awesome brother-in-law who works for summit entertainment {they made twilight}. he is letting me be his +1 and thanks to my hubby for sharing his skymiles! can i just say i am suuuuuper excited!!! i mean super! i can't believe i get to go- thanks brother from another mother!

but...what the heck am i going to wear?! if you've ever watched, you know the outfits get funky! i've only spent one day so far searching for an outfit...so please let me know if i'm on the right track- or did i pick out three gross/weird/what the heck are you thinking kind of outfits?! tell me!!

this year's host

thanks to twilight i get to go!

outfit #1 gold shiny in the back- has the funky vibe i am looking for...

i am not loving the graphic in the front- but i do like this dress. is it too vegas trashy or the right kinda mix for an mtv party?

#2 bad weird or good weird?

#3 simple black dress-would jazz up with some crazy earings

some of this years presenters! oh haaay minaj! 

i've only spent one day on the hunt- i still have one more week to find the right outfit! let me know your thoughts? por favor!


  1. i love love the sparkly top! maybe you could jazz it up with a fun pair of leggings?

    have so much fun! xo

  2. yeah, this silver top is perfect:)

    have a nice day

  3. Sparkly top is my vote Morg, have a BLAST!!!

  4. Choice 3! The shiny shirt with the black bottoms...super cute. so jealous. have fun morg!!

  5. I know it's too late to vote but I love number 2! Hope you're having a blast!


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