a little color brightens a rainy day

this bedroom looks heavenly, i'm not enjoying the bedspread but i love the walls, the paint detail, and the splash of yellow!
spruce up any old table like this one here. i want to! give me paint, an old table, glass, and a wall-covering!

funky modern wallpaper with an old wooden cabinet- the two go great together!

hello pop of blue! you look fabulous. i love how they treated the window and wood working in this room. any color would work- it's genius.

these multi colored painted wood floors look great, especially with the white walls.

don't love the pattern but i love the concept...love love love!

i want to be a cool hip old lady who calls to check up on her grand babies from this chair.

i don't really care for this room...but what i love is the color of the walls (bright and happy) and the painting detail at the top - looks like someone didn't use painters tape and i like it!

the sofa is killer! i love the print- normally i am a fan a plain solid sofas but this pattern works perfectly on this sofa- plus i'm loving the red retro cabinets.

this room is a good example of a colorful home  with white walls- it's all about how you make it pop, the red chair, art, green books, etc.

i am really enjoying these tiny stripes... normally when i see black and white {the two go great with everything} striped walls they seem to be pretty thick,  which i also like...but what i really enjoy about this room is the random patch of wallpaper. that paper wouldn't be my first choice but i think it's a great idea and really gives the room some funk.

it's one of those ugly rainy days here in new york... i needed a little color and funk to brighten the day, so i thought i would share with you a few images that gave me some inspiration. 


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