a rockaway gem

i love benjamin noriega-ortiz of bno design and his partner steven of and bob's your uncle. they are such sweeties and are very down to earth... i seriously enjoy being in their company. i remember hearing them talk about their home at rockaway beach so i was happy to see the finished product in the nymag home and design section. they love bling, soft/furry, and feathers... and i think it's a big part why i love them so much. take a look at their marie antoinette inspired get away. super fabulous i must say...

such a fan of this pink monochromatic bedroom. loooove the fur and the sheers - check out their kitty lucifer.

see the feathers? abyu specializes in sassy custom light fixtures like the one above the table {i plan to buy one - one day}.

what a dream!

benjamin and steven en route to their beach pad... such an adorable picture of the two.

i would run away to this gem any chance i could get! adorable isn't it? way to go boys!
{photo credits dean kaufmann}


  1. Thanks for all the kind words. It's always a pleasure to run into you out and about....And of course, you're welcome at Chateau la Mer anytime!


  2. Chateau la Mer... the name alone sounds so posh!


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